Kodak Zi8 Vs Flip Mino – Pocket Video Camera Smackdown

The universe of advanced camcorders is speeding along at similar speed as the PC business, assembling an ever increasing number of astounding highlights in ever more modest bundles. Take for example the new pocket camcorders that have been grown as of late. Right now, it is basically a contest between only two items: the new Kodak Zi8 and the Flip Mino camcorders.

The two items have been painstakingly intended to catch the developing business sector of simple to utilize and very convenient camcorders with worked in abilities that make sharing the recordings on the PC and stacking them up to the well known person to person communication destinations incredibly simple. We should do a speedy computerized camcorder survey of these two items.

Flip and Kodak are both reasonably SeeMo iOS HDMI interface for their individual product offerings, and make it simple to find loads of data on the web. Obviously, one of the main highlights to everybody is the cost, and you will find that they at the very same price tag, $179.99. Up to this point a tie.

One significant contrast between these two is that the Kodak Zi8, as most advanced camcorders, has a very modest quantity of inward memory (just 128 MB). The Flip has a lot bigger limit of 2 GB, 16 fold the amount. Score 1 for the Flip.

Be that as it may, and this is colossal, both in a real sense and metaphorically, the Kodak depends on the utilization of SD/SDHC memory cards to extend it’s stockpiling capacities. The Flip Mino leaves you no space for extension. The Kodak computerized camcorder can deal with up to a 32 GB card for the individuals who need to go full scale. What’s the significance here? As long as 10 HOURS of video recording! Score a major upside for Kodak.

Something that is comparable between the two is the two of them share an exceptionally helpful underlying USB swing-out arm, so you don’t require camera explicit USB links. You can simply swing out the arm and attachment it straightforwardly into your PC and begin sharing. Down with link mess! A tie.

Both accompany video and picture altering programming, yet just the Zi8 has HD competent video recording, and a HDMI yield on the actual camera to connect it straightforwardly to your HDTV for moment seeing. A Kodak win.

However, from here on, it truly is a sorry rivalry. The Flip Mino, and, surprisingly, it’s elder sibling the MinoHD (which costs essentially more) can’t compare to the worth and the nature of the Kodak Zi8. At a similar cost, you get an unfathomably bigger viewscreen, worked in picture stablization, out and out 1080 pixel HD video, and the security that accompanies the Kodak brand.

End-product: the race between these two models isn’t somewhat close today – – the Zi8 pocket advanced camcorder is predominant. Obviously, don’t anticipate that Flip should sit inactive.

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